Treat Genital Warts At Home

Treat Genital Warts At Home

Genital warts are benign tumors that are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV).They can be spread as a result of skin to skin contact during sex. This is the most common sexually transmitted infection. If you are suspected to have genital warts, you may visit the doctor to discuss the treatments you can do at home. Here are some of the options for relieving your symptoms and speeding up your recovery.

1. Apply podophyllotoxin (Podofilox)

This comes as a solution, gel or cream. Make sure to clean and dry the affected area before applying the treatment using a cotton swab or your finger. Only use the amount prescribed by the doctor and repeat the treatment until you get the result. Do not use this treatment if you are pregnant.

2. Use 5% Imiquimod cream

This stimulates the production of chemicals in your body that strengthen your immune response. Apply this treatment in the affected area before bed doing it 3 times a week for 16 weeks. Wash it off after 6-10 hours.

3. Apply Sinecatechins 15% ointement

It is a green extract used for genital warts treatment. Apply this ointment 3 times a day on a thin layer and do it for 16 weeks. This treatment should not be washed off. Sexual contact should be avoided while the ointment is on your skin.

4. Quit smoking

This only weakens your immune system making your recovery slow that usual.

5. Avoid sex while you are on treatment

Refraining to do so will prevent you from spreading the virus to your partner.

6. Use mild soap & dry your private area

Scented soaps have harsh chemicals that might only worsen your situation so better use the mild one. Moisture and bacteria can impede your healing process that why you have to make sure that your private are is clean and dry always but do not clean the area more than 4 times a day.

With the above list of remedies you can try at home, you can also discuss with your doctor some prevention you can try like the HPV vaccine, using the right condoms or dental dams during sexual contact.

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