Protect Your Home From Ticks

Protect Your Home From Ticks

Tick bites are often harmless, in which case they don’t cause any noticeable symptoms. However, ticks can cause allergic reactions, and certain ticks can pass diseases onto humans and pets when they bite. These can be dangerous or even deadly. Here are some guidelines on how you can prevent or remove ticks at your home.

1. Clean your house and de-clutter

Ticks can hide anywhere especially in dirty clothes. Clean your house and throw aways things that you don’t need so that there will have a little chance for ticks to live in your home.

2. Wash your clothes with hot water

Ticks are most likely to stay in dirty clothes. To prevent them from spreading out, it is best to wash your clothes with hot water.

3. Dust your home with pesticide

After cleaning your house, you have to kill the eggs using pesticides.To kill tick eggs and larva, you need to lightly dust all areas of your home with a pesticide contain boric acid and botanical extracts.

4. Treat indoor pets

If you have any pets at home, it is better to treat them also. Ticks can hide inside the fur of your pets and they love sucking blood from warm bodies.

5. Call an exterminator

There are some ticks that hide in small spaces at your home. You may call an exterminator because they have special equipment and pesticides, which kill ticks immediately on contact.

6. Clean the outside of your house

Once you’re done cleaning indoors make sure you also have time to clean the outdoor. Some ticks hide in plants and will just crawl back to your house without you noticing it. Trim the grass or the plants outdoor. You may also spray pesticides on the plants.

7. You may use natural tick repellent

Ticks avoid citrus, which makes it an effective weapon. You can create a solution of 2 cups of water, and two chopped lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruit.Let it boil for a minute or so, then simmer the concoction for an hour. Once it is cool, place the solution to a sprayer and keep it away from children.

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