Get Clear Skin With This Home Remedies

Get Clear Skin With This Home Remedies

Good looking skin is important to every individual and this will give you a good first impression from people you just met.  But we cannot deny the fact that blemishes, acnes and dark spots are quite hard to manage sometimes especially if we are outside every day braising the heat of the sun and entering air-conditioned room like our offices or malls. This changing in temperature might cause some irritations on our skin leading to the appearance of skin impurities.

Here are some helpful tips you can try to maintain your good looking skin:

1. Learning about skin conditions

First we have to identify our skin type if it is normal, oily or dry skin  so we can better take care of them or treat them if necessary. A lot of products and home remedies may defer on your skin types. Knowing your skin type will help you identify what to use on skin or face and maximize the effect of the product or home remedies you are going to use.

2. Prepare Home Remedies

For acnes, you can reduce its inflammation by using aloe vera gel. Peel off a raw aloe vera plant and remove its outer layer using a knife and spoon the gel and apply it in affected areas. You may also create an egg and lemon mask. Egg works to remove dirt built up on your skin while the lemon is a great way to brighten up and exfoliate your skin because of the alpha hydroxyl acid and vitamin C that is present on it. For dry skin, you can use jojoba oil or coconut oil for moisture

3. Use over-the-counter vitamins

Vitamins E and C are particularly helpful in beating dark spots. You can buy vitamin E capsules from the nearest drugstore and apply it directly on your dark spot before you sleep and let it sit on your face the whole night.

The above mentioned remedies are just some of the things you can do to help your skin beat up any imperfections.

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