Ease The Discomfort Of Simple Sore Throat Using Home Remedies

Ease The Discomfort Of Simple Sore Throat Using Home Remedies

Sore throat is a common disease for all of us. It can also be caused by viral or bacterial infections. This discomfort can be relieved with some of the remedies we are going to share in this article.

1. Use steam treatment

Put 2 inch of water in a pot and heat it in a stove. Once the water is hot enough, you may add some herbs like thyme, oregano, ginger or chamomile. Stir the water until it is boiling and get it off from the stove. Drape a towel over your head and the put them start inhaling the steam for about 2 to 4 minutes. Repeat the said process 4 – 5 times a day and see the result of relieved sore throat.

2. Make a poultice

A poultice is a moist substance used for the treatment of inflammation. Brew a large pot with 3 – 4 cups of water. You may add ginger, marshmallow root, licorice root or chamomile. Fold a long towel and soak it in the hot tea and wring out excess liquid. Wrap the towel around your neck leaving it there until the heat is gone. You can repeat the process as many times as you want in a day.

3. Make lozenges

Gather the ingredients for making lozenges such as:

– ½ tablespoon marshmallow root powder
– ½ cup slippery elm bark powder
– ¼ cup filtered water
– Two tablespoons of honey

Heat a small saucepan with water and add the marshmallow root powder. Stir it well until the powder is dissolved in the water. Pour the honey into the measuring cup and add the marshmallow water until you have a measured ¼ cup of liquid. Discard any excess marshmallow water. Pour the slippery elm bark powder into a mixing bowl and hollow out a small well in the middle. Slowly pour the honey-marshmallow mixture and stir it until the all the ingredients are mixed well. After this process, you may now start forming the lozenges and setting them on a plate letting it dry for at least 24 hrs. Once dried, wrap these lozenges in a waxed paper for storage.

4. Drink Herbal Tea

Buy herbal tea in over-the-counter drugstores or supermarkets near your place. Each tea has different taste so you better check it our first before purchasing. Like for example chamomile tea has a mild flavour and is the best tea for children. While the taste licorice root tea is not liked a flavoured candy.

5. Take other liquid remedies

If you are lacking of time in preparation you can just simply drink a lot of water or try eating frozen foods. Another thing you can do is to gargle salt water for 10 -20 seconds.
This are just some of the home remedies you can try to ease your simple sore throat. You may share this information with your loved ones and let them have a comfort in their throats.

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