Do Ombrè or Dip Dye Your Hair At Home

Do Ombrè or Dip Dye Your Hair At Home

Ombrè is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. It has become a popular feature for lady’s hair nowadays.

We will be sharing some tips on how to get that ombrè hair at the comfort of your home.
Before starting the process, prepare your hair and the materials you will be using in applying the hair dye. Do not wash your hair one or two days before doing the process.

The oil production in your hair will protect it from the harsh chemicals you will use when you do beaching. Make sure your clothes is something you can throw away whenever it is stained while doing the procedure. Brush your hair thoroughly so that the hair strands will be conditioned properly and divide it into four parts. Now you start mixing the bleach. Get an old towel and place it around your neck and shoulders to prevent dye from getting onto your skin or clothes. Now let us start with bleaching/dying:

1. Apply the bleach on the tip of your hair

Start at the tip of your hair up to 3 inches up using your hand or the applicator brush. Remember not to leave a hair strand without a bleach cream.

2. Wrap the hair with a foil strip

Wrap the foil properly avoiding it to be crumbled and fold the edge. Your hair needs to breathe and it will not happen in crumbled foil. Do the same process until all edges were covered with bleach cream and foil.

3. Let the bleach cream do its work

Leave your hair for a while for 15 minutes for the cream to penetrate on the hair strands. Make sure you are on time else there’s a great possible that your hair strands will be damaged.

4. Open the foil

Check your hair strands color is light enough then you can proceed with bleaching the upper part of your hair else leave it for one or two minutes more.

5. Repeat the same process going up your hair

Repeat the same process two more times from bleaching your hair to putting a foil as wrap and leaving it for a while but this time you have to lessen the time of waiting from 15 minutes make it 10 minutes down to 5 minutes. This will make a great difference in color from a lighter color on the tip of your hair to a darker color going up.

Once you’re done with the whole process, rinse off your hair with warm water. Do not use hot or cold water as this will damage the strand of your hair which is now brittle because of the chemicals in bleaching cream. Once the cream is washed off your hair, apply conditioner instead of shampoo. This will coat your hair and give the moisture it needed to heal. As much as possible leave your hair unwashed for 3-5 days for a beautiful result.

Also remember not to apply heat on your hair like ironing it or blow drying it after bleaching. This will just damage your hair

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